I am just another amateur in endurance sports 

Probably just like you.

While I mostly played tennis in high school, my endurance career really started when a friend and I decided to sign up for the Paris Marathon in 2009. I got hooked, and haven't stopped running since then. My endurance preferences evolved from road running to triathlons. Now, living amongst the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, I am more drawn to ultras and skimo.

I studied nutrition 

I dare to come here and talk about nutrition because I studied and still do research in the field of nutrition physiology and metabolism. During my PhD, I studied the fine hormonal balance that controls how much food we eat and how much energy we expend. This is an amazingly complex process that involves communication between the gut and the brain. That’s what I love and do for a living.


I had a view from the inside (where nutrition products are made)

Before I was an academic scientist, I worked for a sports nutrition brand. You could describe my work there as a scientific consultant. On one end, I was following scientific news in sports nutrition to help make cutting-edge products. On the other end, I designed studies to test the safety and efficiency of these products. Overall, I got a broad view from the sports nutrition market : segments, clients, product formulation, industrialization, marketing, …

Why a blog?

I experience regularly how difficult it is to translate what I learn from my studies or from my research into a sports nutrition strategy ; you know, with real products in a real race. On top of that, the claims of the nutrition companies don’t really help.

So, I decided to review sports nutrition in a practical way, looking at how nutrition products are made, how they compare, if they withstand different types of activities… Beyond this, I’d love to share my little opinions on anything that has to do with sports nutrition : new magic ingredients, misconceptions, or science breakthroughs. I’ll blend the available scientific evidence with my own personal experience to give you my views.