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The HVMN Ketone review

It’s been pretty quiet in the country of sports nutrition lately: yes, there were new gels, new bars, but nothing very exciting. But here’s a new product that has the ability to get me out of my torpor: the HVMN Ketone ester drink. Let’s go for a review that contains science (a lot) and blood

The Maurten Hydrogels Review

I feel very excited about this review! Today, we are testing one of the most exciting innovations in the sports drink industry. It might be a game changer. And the original idea is so simple. 1/ Maurten, the company: Maurten is a Swedish-based startup and a new player in the sports drink industry. The company is best known for

The Aptonia Recovery Drink Review

After long and/or intense training sessions, recovery can be optimized with the help of adequate nutrition. The idea is, on one hand, to quickly restore muscle glycogen levels and, on the other hand, to support the re-synthesis of muscle proteins. Think about athletes repeating high intensity efforts within days, or even hours: perfect recovery is especially relevant for them. Based

The Honey Stinger Waffle Review

It’s post-holidays season and time to get back out for more adventures! After all the sweets you probably had for Christmas, here is a perfect transition to sports nutrition: sports waffles full of honey!    1/ The Honey Stinger company: Honey Stinger is a Colorado-based company with a pretty long history of honey products. In the 1950s,

The Clif bars

I’ve been willing to review sports nutrition product for a long time. Now that I finally get to start, I decided to dive straight into it and review a range of products that you are most likely familiar with (if you ended up here): the iconic Clif Bars. Here we go !   1/ The company: