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4 nutrition curiosities of the Breaking2 attempt

Photo Chris Lawrence ( Lots of us woke up early (or stayed up late!) to watch the sub 2-hour marathon attempt by the Nike squad. Kipchoge came up 25 seconds shy of the goal in an obviously well-prepared race. Of course, I watched how it went with the nutrition! And here are the 4 things that

How nutrition will help break the 2hr marathon barrier (2)

Picture by Chris Lawrence Here we are… The Nike attempt to break the 2-hour marathon barrier will happen very soon, most likely the 6th, 7th or 8th of May.  It will be possible to watch the race live (though I don’t know where it will be broadcasted yet) and, hopefully, get a full understanding of the

How nutrition will help break the 2hr marathon barrier (1)

(Boris Streubel/Bongarts/Getty Images) Recently, Nike announced its plan to break the 2-hour marathon barrier in 2017. It is an audacious plan (some might say impossible), as it requires to reduce the actual record (2:02:57) by 2.5 %! But Nike is not the only player to work towards this crazy goal : Adidas also announced that they have been working

Should you drink ketone bodies?!

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